Recommended Browser Settings

We recommend that you access Moodle with one of the following web browsers: 
  • Internet Explorer 7.x & 8.x and later (Win)
  • Firefox 3.x and later (Win & Mac)
  • Safari 3.x and later (Win & Mac). 
Google Chrome should work well but has not been thoroughly tested. 

Other browsers may or may not support all Moodle features as needed in your course. You can always try a browser to see how it works. If you are doing something really important, like writing a quiz or posting an assignment on the due date, you may want to use a recommend browser unless you are sure your chosen browser is going to work.

Please note that we can only offer support for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari issues with Moodle. We will try to help with other browser's issues but cannot guarantee a successful outcome.

Please disable pop-up blocking software!
You may have pop-up blocking features enabled in your browser. This feature should be disabled while using Moodle. 

Please note that some additional browser toolbars that you may have installed can also act as pop-up blockers. These could include 
  • Yahoo toolbar
  • Google toolbar
  • MSN toolbar
  • AOL toolbar and more. 
Please check to see if your browser has any of these, or other toolbars that may block pop-ups, installed and disable their pop-up blocking feature while using Moodle.

Go to for information on disabling popup blocking in some common toolbars and software

If you are experiencing problems viewing the Moodle site or it's content please ensure that your browser is configured as listed below:

Browser Settings for PC:

Web Browser
Enable Cookies
Enable Pop-ups
Enable Java/script
Firefox 3.x
Tools > Options > Privacy > Check "Accept cookies from sites"
Tools > Options > Privacy > Ensure "Block pop-up windows" checkbox is not selected.
Tools > Options > Content > Check "Enable Javascript" and check "Enable Java"
Internet Explorer
Tools > Internet Options > Security > Set "Security levels for this zone" to Medium-high.
Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Ensure "Turn on Pop-up Blocker" is not selected.

Browser Settings for Mac:

Web Browser
Enable Cookies
Enable Pop-ups
Enable Java/script
Firefox 3.6.x
Enabled by default
Firefox > Preferences > Content > Ensure "Block pop-up windows" is not selected.
Firefox > Preferences > Content > Ensure "Enable Javascript" is selected.
Safari 3.x or later
Safari > Preferences > Security > Select either "Always" or "Only from site you navigate to".
Safari >Preferences > Security > Ensure "Block pop-up widows" is not checked.
Safari >Preferences > Security > Check "Enable Java" and check "Enable Javascript".

Last modified: Wednesday, 23 February 2011, 02:41 PM